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Improve communication efficiency with an office phone system VoIP. Find out how VoIP technology can enhance your business's communication capabilities. Most of today’s office communication happens exclusively through email, text, intra-office messaging, and a VoIP phone system.

Business Communications to Optimize Your Office

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It means that during phone calls, your voice data is transmitted over the internet instead of via old phone lines or cell signals. VoIP is a relatively new technology, and is quickly gaining popularity over traditional landline phone systems because of the benefits it offers. The right VoIP business phone system may be the answer to your in-person and your virtual office communication woes.

office phone system voip

Switching to VoIP can result in significant cost savings compared to traditional landline phone systems. VoIP services are generally cheaper, with prices ranging from $20 to $50 per user per month, depending on the features required for a basic business VoIP phone system. With VoIP, businesses can enjoy the same or better phone quality, more features, and lower costs, making it a smart choice for companies looking to optimize their communication infrastructure.

Increased Productivity

Call recording

Allows teams to review important conversations for training, quality assurance, or legal purposes.

Call forwarding

Enables team members to redirect calls to another phone or location, ensuring that important calls are not missed.

Call waiting

Notifies team members of incoming calls while they are already on the phone, allowing them to manage multiple calls effectively.

Call conferencing​

Makes it easy for teams to collaborate and communicate with multiple parties at the same time.

Video calls

Offers face-to-face interaction, enhancing communication and collaboration between team members.


Allows team members to send instant messages to each other, facilitating quick and efficient communication.

Unlimited texting

Enables teams to send and receive text messages without worrying about per-message charges.

Toll-free numbers

Gives customers an easy and free way to contact the team, increasing accessibility and improving customer satisfaction.

…and more

Other VoIP features can include virtual phone numbers, auto attendant, call queuing, call transfer, voicemail, and more.

Do You Already Have VoIP and Have Issues?​

We come across businesses who have made the leap and decided to try VoIP, only to experience bad configuration or functionality. We’ve seen it all from some of the worst VoIP providers out there and we want to refresh your faith in the technology. With the proper implementation, office phone system VoIP can handle all of your communications needs. Do you find yourself asking any of the following questions?


Do you find yourself asking any of the following questions?

Why are my VoIP Calls Dropping?

1. Check your internet connection 2. Check your router 3. Check for network congestion 4. Check for jitter 5. Use a VoIP monitoring service

Can I Text from my VoIP Service?

Some providers give you this option as companies are seeing more and more growth with Business Texting. If this is important to you, make sure you investigate the capabilities thoroughly, as some providers offer it but it is painstakingly slow. We want you to have the data and efficiency that will allow you to scale at your pace when you are ready.

How do I transfer a call? How do I check my Voicemail on my Desk Phone?

These are two of the most asked questions from first time VoIP buyers. Lack of training on your phone system or just plain hard-to-operate systems are two of the main reasons people switch VoIP providers. We want to provide value and work as your long-term service provider, so we work really hard right out of the gate to give you all of the information and tools you need. If there is ever something that doesn’t work or doesn’t make sense, we are only a VoIP away. These tasks should be relatively simple and we will make sure you have them mastered in no time.